My visit to Loveday and the ruins of Woolenook camp at Renmark

By Mutsumi Tsuda
Professor of Kwansei Gakuin University

During November 2023, I travelled from Adelaide to Barmera in a rented car for the first time in 14 years.

My first objective was to see the new exhibition about the Loveday Internment Camp (LIC) at the Barmera Visitor Centre, curated by my friend Rosemary Gower who has been promoting the historic site for many years. […]

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Internee experiences five detention camps during WWII

by Doris Frank
Wilhelm, known as Bill, Sawatzky was born in August 1923 in Wilhelma, one of the Temple Society’s agricultural settlements in Palestine (now Israel).
He is one of very few who can claim to have been interned in five camps during WWII. […]

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Seeking information about internment camp drivers

by Ann McLachlan
This series of photos from The Brewster Collection provides a relaxed informal side of the Loveday Internment Camp. […]

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Children’s observations of Loveday

by Ann McLachlan
Children interacted with many of those who were at the Loveday Internment Camp be they prisoners of war, guards, locals and more.
Their memories were recorded in local newspapers and oral histories. […]

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